Bricks Cleaning Services & Graffiti Removal Perth

Kathe Cleaning Services uses modern state of art technologies like elegant turbo apparatus and acid cleaning on bricks. Bricks cleaning services & graffiti removal in perth includes removing mortar splashes and excess cement from bricks, removal of white stains or dust on bricks (efflorescence), or the green tinge on cream bricks (vanadium staining) . We offer every type of bricks cleaning services at any scale. Simply let us know your requirements. We will make in sparkling clean.

bricks cleaning & graffiti removal services in perth

Kathe cleaning graffiti removal & dirt washer implementations acts are resistant to water damage and staining, our bricks and surface cleaning process improves performance and durability of brickwork and limestone. Over time limestone can gain moss, mildew, smoke and discolour so our specialised limestone cleaning can also work in conjunction with limestone repair and restoration to revitalise and transform old walls into stunning features.

We are passionate about the jobs you hate – so why not let us do the dirty work for you?

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Our steps to implement bricks cleaning & graffiti removal services, Perth:

  • Prepare the area.
  • Use masking tape & plastics sheets.
  • Use stiff wire and brushes.
  • Work down the surface via streak fluids.
  • Identify the graffiti.
  • Spray paint with abrasive.
  • Test with washer.
  • Apply a preventive coating.
  • Re-paint it again.

Above all, the method used here for bricks cleaning services & graffiti removal in Perth incorporates a light acid wash to delaminate residual cement from the brickwork, followed by a exerted wash. This helps return the brickwork to their original condition and colour. We ensure that the surface is not damaged by keeping the amount of chemicals used to a minimum. The sooner the cleaning process is undertaken the easier it is to clean up the bricks. By choosing Kathe Cleaning Services you can be sure your bricks will look the way they should.

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