Hight Pressure, Paving & Driveway Cleaning Perth

Kathe's High pressure & paving cleaning, Perth - Is your paving, poured stone or exposed aggregate looking old, mouldy and dirty? Call 0432494578. Now you can enhance the look of your outdoor area and add value to your property safely with Kathe high pressure & driveway cleaning, perth effectively. We provides environmentally friendly high pressure cleaning service to all suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area. Using a 4000+psi high pressure cleaner, with a vacuum system attached, Kathe will get your pavement and other outdoor surfaces looking fresh and clean with minimal mess and fuss. We are environmentally friendly, using only water to do our cleaning the majority of the time.

high pressure,paving&driveway cleaning perth

After your pavement has been cleaned it is a good idea to get it sealed with a good quality, environmentally friendly sealer to ensure it stays looking good and stain free. As a concrete or tile scouring and sealing specialist we do offers a range of sealing options. No need to wonder just make an enquiry and see the result from our trained workers.

We are passionate about the jobs you hate – so why not let us do the dirty work for you?

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Our process for high pressure, paving & driveway cleaning, Perth:

  • Choose a best pressure washer.
  • Protect exterior features.
  • Manually scrub with a brush.
  • Mix the cleaning solutions.
  • Use the detergent dispenser.
  • Hold pressure water nozzle firmly.
  • Move up and down.

On classy segments of our paving & diveway cleaning in perth we uses high pressure cleaning machinery with hot water involved after heating from instantaneous heater and is the only way to proceed on particularly when oil strain and grease spots are involved. We do make sure you concrete and pavings are not hampered on our way to wash out dust present in so.

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